It’s a Mad, Mad, Sad Day After Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day, when speech writers, columnists and even bloggers dig deep to write fervently and reverently in an inevitably futile effort to honor those who have fought and died for our country. It’s an incredibly daunting task and the words always seem to come up short.

That task is made all the tougher against the backdrop of wrongheaded foreign policies, the sad inexorable passing of our World War II veterans and the “me first” attitudes that have all contributed to this being a mad, mad, sad Memorial Day. But as Memorial Day is strictly and appropriately the province of honoring those who have served America this post waits till today – the day after.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Sad Day After Memorial Day.

It’s truly maddening that we live in a country where the few – mostly poor, protect the many – mostly middle-class and the many don’t understand or appreciate their sacrifice.

Sad that America has been at war for over a decade and the youngest fighting these wars have only a vague recollection of the horrendous events that precipitated our fight, their sacrifice.

Maddening that our leaders ignored the modern history of Afghanistan and wasted blood and treasure occupying a remote land devoid of any real national interests.

In the same breath, it’s maddening that our so-called ally Pakistan harbored the sick, twisted, coward, murderer Bin Laden lengthening a pursuit and in turn a war policy that could have, should have and likely would have been curtailed so much sooner.

Maddening that our politicians lack the courage to ask Americans for more but in turn demand too much of our loyal troops.  The over deployment of our young service men and women has ruined countless marriages, relationships, self-perception and left too many broken lives.

It’s maddening that our Generals do not speak out more about the harm that political expediency has wrought on America’s fighting forces because of over deployment.

With that in mind,  it’s terribly sad that the suicide rate among our young veterans is soaring.

For those veterans that make it back, it’s sad that they are coming home to a sluggish economy weighed down by the debt and bloat of a country unwilling to make a fraction of the sacrifice they made.

Mad as hell at a President for not having the guts to reach for real ‘hope and change’ and end the so-called “just war” in Afghanistan much sooner.

Maddening that the President treated the heroic exploits of Seal Team Six like some plot line in a Tom Clancy novel in which he starred as the dashing Chief Executive rather than a sober, clandestine military operation.

And mostly mad at Exiledinelbany for not saying these things before.

The American military and the young men and women who fight to protect this country deserve our unwavering respect and unflinching support. Their response to every command, to every mission is a simple,  yes sir or yes ma’am. They deserve a government and a people with the courage to look out for their well-being and not to casually rely on their heroics as a panacea for difficult political decisions.

Happy Day After Memorial Day.


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